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With the combination of award-winning technical expertise and the intuition,insight and confidence gained from our extensive sector experience, we can help our clients to unlock their potential for growth.


Applying advanced audit methodology, audit system as well as our in…


Authorised by the China Certified Tax Agents Association, our 5A qu…


We help our clients to create, transform and protect value to help achieve their goals.

Asset evaluation

We can provide valuations for securities-related assets for listed companies and enterprises undertaking an IPO in China.

Project cost management

We can provide a comprehensive, independent perspective for clients …


Grant Thornton delegation visits poverty-stricken county to donate medical facilities

On May 17, Xu Hua, CEO of Grant Thornton China among others visited a poverty-stricken village under Badong county of Hubei province, and brought medical facilities to local medical room


Opening ceremony of the 2018 Self-Reliance Class funded by Grant Thornton held in Hubei

On the monring of May 20, Grant Thornton co-hosts an opening ceremony with China Foundation for Povery Alleviation(CFPA) launching the 2018 Self-Reliance Cl…


Cooperation intension achieved between GT China and SZSE training department


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