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We are an Accounting Law Firm, founded in 1991 in Hong Kong, specialized in corporations and International Trade companies in Hong Kong and mainland China, with offices in Hong Kong and representatives in Shanghai, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. We offer a solution for companies that need to export to China, or import, and seek to grow operations in the region. 


Our team is made up of lawyers, accountants, professional translators who speak Spanish, English and Mandarin. 

Value added

Thanks to our strategic geographic locations and the diverse professional experience of our team, we are able to provide services ranging from international trade to complex legal cross-border transactions in China.

In particular, we understand the needs of the region, in each individual country. 


"We believe that the fastest growing economies and business opportunities in the coming years are in China. Companies must have professional support to improve their opportunities in this region."


Buenos Aires
It will allow you to access information according to regional regulations and needs.

We believe that it is necessary to develop any Import or Export business, even services, to have a company in Hong Kong. 

We believe that Hong Kong will allow many local producers a gateway for their products to Chia. Do not hesitate to request reports from buyers in China. 

Our Studio in Argentina will provide you with the local confidence you need. 



Mexico City
Investment Development, Commerce and Legal Security.

Within the framework of the World Economic Forum (WEF) taking place in Davos, Switzerland, Mexico and Hong Kong signed an agreement for the reciprocal promotion and protection of investments (APPRI).

Both nations grant non-discriminatory treatment to their investors, compensation in case of expropriation or nationalization, thus allowing the free transfer of capital and access to international arbitration for better dispute resolution. Granting great reciprocal legal security.


Hong Kong is the gateway to China.

Logistics companies and companies related to the facilitation of trade flows, including large importers that require having a logistics and collection center for the products they buy and sell to China, such as tourism, agricultural items, minerals, emeralds, coffee and Flowers, among others, have the greatest potential for investing in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is the ideal headquarters for a regional office and distribution center in the region.

China is Peru's largest trading partner and the second largest trading partner in Latin America. Hong Kong, being the gateway to mainland China, is an ideal place for Peruvian and Latin American companies to manage their businesses in China.


This is due to the free movement of capital, goods, people and information, as well as strong and professional business support services and availability of talent versed in both China and the international business environment.


Santiago de Chile
Hong Kong the HUB of trade with Asia.

Hong Kong adapts a prosperous free market system to business development, characterized by Western idiosyncrasy and facilitation of trade flow, investment and finance. At the same time, its geographical position is of great relevance. On the one hand, its proximity to the Pearl River Delta, added to the invested connectivity infrastructure, make the island a commercial portal to and from China; while its exit to the southern Chinese Sea connects it to emerging Asian markets.

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